LuxLite Smart Switch Elegance in Every Touch


LuxLite Smart Switch

Available in 1 to 4 Gang configuration
Integrated backlight
Metal frame construction
More then just a switch, its a control button



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Introducing the LuxLite Smart Switch, where premium craftsmanship meets advanced technology, all at an unbeatable value. Designed for the discerning homeowner in Singapore, LuxLite promises not just smart control but a touch of luxury to your living spaces. Proudly standing out as possibly the only 4 Gang smart switch in Singapore, LuxLite is in a class of its own.

Key Features:

Superior Material: LuxLite Control switch is crafted from high-grade polycarbonate, ensuring both durability and a sleek, modern appearance.

Illuminated Design: LuxLite Control Switch features a soft illumination, ensuring easy visibility in low-light conditions and adding a touch of elegance to your walls.

Elegant Colour Palette: Choose from four sophisticated colours: Timeless White, Circuit Charcoal, Matrix Midnight, and Opulent Gold.

Premium Build: The metal frame enhances its robustness, adding a touch of luxury to its design.

Versatile Configurations: Available in 1 to 4 gang options, catering to a range of lighting and control needs. The 1st 4 Gang smart switch available in Singapore

Multifunctional Control: Beyond just managing lights, the LuxLite can be configured as a versatile control button for various devices. Whether it’s operating curtains, adjusting air conditioners, or setting the perfect ambiance with scenes, you’re covered. And for those moments when your mobile device runs out of battery or when Alexa and Google just can’t comprehend your voice due to that nagging toothache, LuxLite ensures you remain in control.

Weight: Weighing approximately 155 grams, LuxLite is twice as hefty as its competitors, reflecting its superior build quality.

Voice Activation: Seamlessly integrate with Alexa and Google Assistant for hands-free voice control.

Advanced Connectivity: Utilises the Zigbee wireless protocol for reliable and fast communication. with other smart devices.

Customisable Buttons: Personalise your control switch with laser-cut button, available in both English and Chinese characters. This precision detailing stands out from common engraving methods or cheap adhesive labels.

Optimised Wiring: Exclusively available in a non-neutral version, enhancing its functionality and reliability.

Elevate your home’s intelligence and style with the LuxLite Smart Switch, where every detail is a testament to luxury and innovation.

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 50 mm
Number of Gangs

1 Gang, 2 Gang, 3 Gang, 4 Gang


Circuit Charcoal, Matrix MidNight, Opulent Champagne, Timeless White


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