4 things you should know before starting your smart home journey.

4 Things that I wished I was told before making the purchase.

Show rooms are for shows

In majority of the show rooms today, only the best has been displayed to you. And they have been setup by professional. Due to the limited spaces of these showrooms, a scaled down version is presented to you, typically 3-4 circuits of lights, a TV, and a A/C unit in a quiet enviroment. Such presentation triggers your imagination, on how it will change your way of life. How convenient it is to control devices with your voice. However, when you scaled it up to a full size apartment. Your thick apartment wall, the total number of devices or perhaps your neighbour’s WIFI frequencies may affect how stable your smart home devices is. When these variables comes into the picture, more often than not, you are likely to experience something very different.


As IoT devices have flooded the smart home industry in the recent years. It is not suprising that you have choosen to join the zigbee band wagon like we did. However, if only this choice would end here. Next, you will have decide on which eco system suits your need. Despite these major brands are using the zigbee technology, most brands does not ‘talk’ with each other. For instance, if u have bought a smart switch from brand A, and a smart bulb from brand B, you are out of luck trying to make them work. On top of that, u will need a hub for each brands. If you are stuck in this situation, 24Seven has the solution to your problem. Click here to find out more about zigbee network and hubs.


This is probably the section where most reader will be interested, read till the end. The routines, name of your devices, air conditioner units, CCTVs and all other devices. When you switch between mobile devices, do you see that same device name appear in your app? By no chance of coincidence of course. You keyed them into you smart home app, you set them up. Make a guess where are these information stored? Yup, that is right. The servers. The server that is run by the smart home companies . Click here for a pictoria explanation. Most of us including ourselves weren’t aware that, whenever you yelled across the room to get your voice assistant to switch on the light. This information is being send over the internet across the globe to their server, processed, and returned with a command to your home to switch on the light. If this piece of information is not shocking. Read on… Most of the IP camera this days comes with motion detection. So it will probably send you a notification whenever motion is detected. Click here to find out more on IP camera motion detection. Such function requires extremely intensive codes and processing power, in order to understand if there is a motion within the video. And yes, these videos are being send over the internet across the globe to their servers as well.

Processor a.k.a Servers

Talking about servers. With all the routines, switching of light or devices via our mobile devices being processed by cloud server. Your smart home is heavily reliant on a cloud server. Which means, these routines or function you enjoys will not work when your internet connectivity is down. That is why 24Seven belief in self sustainability, and keeping it affordable. Our system will function fully even without the internet, which means, there is no way 24Seven is able to charge u a monthly subscription, because the server is in your home. Talk to our automation consultant, you will be surprised how little it will cost you to have your very own server at home. So all your information stays private.