Smart Home Made for Smart owners

Artificial Intelligence
do the work

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local smart home server or private processor


24Seven realized that each and every individual has a unique living habit and preferences. By installing your very own processor (a.k.a server) at home. We will be able to code and create programs for your smart home. As such, you will not be locked down by any ecosystem or brands of products.

Automated Homes

Intuitive user interface not just for you, your visitors too.

Options of a wall mounted tablet or desk tablet as an interface between your smart home and users are available. Your visitor wouldn’t have to make a second guess which is the correct switch.

Compatible Brands

Above are just some of the brands that we are able to integrate into your smart home. If your current appliances or the one you have in mind connects to a network (e.g WiFi/ZigBee/Z-Wave etc.) at home. The chances of it being able to integrate into our system are high. There are literally over a thousand of products that can be integrated. Talk to our automation consultant for more information.

important opinion

About Us

24Seven is more than a regular Smart Home company. We bring artificial intelligence into homes making them smarter. We believe that there are no plug-and-play products that are able to provide the level of customization or personalization. We see intelligence, automation, and most important personalization. Because there is no identical you in this world. So, why should your smart home be limited to what ecosystem you choose?

We see problems in many of today’s smart home solutions. Example, yelling across the room a couple of times to switch on devices, or going into different apps on your mobile phone to achieve the same result. To us, these are merely adding switches to your smart devices. Our system has the ability to understand you, your living habit, what are your preferences. And adjust your home ambience to your liking. 

Game enough to start living in 2021?

Talk to us, we love to come up with new ideas on automation. How would you like your curtain to be controlled? With a IKEA SYMFONISK sound remote? Well, we might have an answer to your imagination.